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Equal Rights…

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I wrote this the other day when I was thinking about stuff. This is NOT aimed at anyone in particular, it’s just a general thing:

What some men don’t seem to be able to get through their heads is that women have equal rights now. We’re not living in the past anymore. You don’t yell and you don’t put down and you don’t hit. You don’t need to be macho. It’s okay to cry when you’re sad.

What some women don’t understand is that we have equal rights now. And it means exactly what it says. Equal rights. That doesn’t mean that we are the bosses and we do whatever we want and use sex as a weapon. And we don’t yell and we don’t put down and we don’t hit.

I don’t know if you agree with me and if you don’t, then that’s just too bad. It’s the way I feel.

Novel Themes – Tamisan (Tamisan Book 1)

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What defines us? What makes us who we are? Is it our appearance? Our personality? Our family? Our past? Our education? Our memories? Or is it a combination of all of these?

What if someone took one of those things away from you? How would you feel? Incomplete?

What if someone changed your appearance without your permission or knowledge? It would take away part of your identity and sense of self.

I explored this in my novel, Tamisan. The main character’s consciousness was transferred into another body, and the body wasn’t even human. She had to deal with the identity issues, as well as the fact that the alien body could breathe above and below the water and had psychic abilities.

Her escape into the dangerous jungle adds more peril, and then her adventure really begins. There are a number of characters in the book that treat her as an object instead of a person. Is it just because of her appearance? Is a pretty face all anyone cares about?

And, of course, there is the issue of slavery. What kind of person makes another person a slave?


* Tamisan is available now through Amazon on Kindle and paperback.

Review – PODs

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By Michelle Pickett

A future that could become a reality

A deadly virus is killing people all over the world. The government has a plan to save people, but only a small percentage of the population can be saved. They will be put into PODs and sealed underground until the virus is gone, separated from their family and friends, who are left to die.

When they’ve been in the PODs for over a year, they’re let out to start a new life. But not everyone died. The virus has mutated.

Eva met David while they were stuck in the POD and now they face the people who are infected with the new strain of the virus.

There is a part of me that believes that this is how the government would handle a situation like this, especially with how they went about selecting “random” members of the population to go into the PODs. This story shows how people react to the situations they are forced into.

It’s a great story. I loved the relationship between Eva and David and liked their friends. It was hard to put my phone down and stop reading. (I have Kindle and Scribd on my phone.)

It’s impossible to talk about some of the parts I liked without writing spoilers, but I can say that I loved this book.

Here is the link to it on if you would like to read it yourself.

5 out of 5 stars

Tamisan Re-released

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I have finished revising Tamisan and have decided to make it part of a series. The new title is Tamisan (Tamisan Book 1). It is available on Amazon and Smashwords. Smashwords puts your book through to Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Apple, so it is available at all of those online stores, too. If you prefer print books, it is available in print through Amazon.

I am excited to have the improved version of my story out there and can’t wait to see how it goes.

For anyone who reads it or who has read it already, I would appreciate it if you could write a review. It is one of the best ways for me to advertise my books to the world. Thanks in advance.


Are you guilty of Cinema Sins?

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Lately, I have been watching videos on Youtube from a couple of guys that call themselves Cinema Sins. They have a few different types of videos, but the ones I’ve been watching are about what is wrong with movies, along the lines of plot holes, lame characters, lack of logic and believability, and continuity mistakes. They are titled “Everything Wrong With [insert movie title here]”.

You might be wondering why I would want to watch these videos. After all, who wants to see their favourite movies being torn to shreds, right? Well, from an author’s point of view, it can be a very useful tool. In a lot of books and blogs I have read on how to be a good writer, one of the things they tell us is to read some bad stories and watch some bad movies to see what not to do. We need to see where these authors and screenwriters went wrong, so we don’t repeat those mistakes.

So, even for some of the movies that I liked, I watched the Sins being listed. Even some of the best movies have some flaws.

After watching some of these videos, I was in that mindset and started to look to my WIP (work in progress) and could see some things that needed fixing. Just little things. For an example, say your main character is holding something in their hand when something bad happens, like the “bad guy” enters the room and pulls your main character into another room and she responds by knocking him out with a roundhouse kick (or something), you need to make sure that she is either still holding the item, or you have explained where it went.

I haven’t found any major flaws, thankfully, but I think this is a good piece of advice to other authors out there. You need to take an objective look at your work and not be afraid to pick out the “sins” – for your own good. Any flaws or plot holes will only hurt your novel and your sales, so it is better to find them now and kill them.

So, check out Cinema Sins on for yourself.

Note. Some of the “sins” aren’t really sins – they have a bit of fun with it all, like when they say “This scene does not contain a lap dance” and count it as a sin. Also, be warned, they use the “F” word a lot, but beep it out.

I recommend you try this and see if it helps you.

Yoda he thinks he is

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A book that I read recently had a character in it that spoke in that backward way that Yoda does in the Star Wars saga. He was an eccentric wizard who lived inside a mountain and had many quirky characteristics, but the backward speech just didn’t cut it. I think the only being in the universe that can get away with something so annoying is Yoda himself.

I could see where the author was coming from. She was trying to make him more interesting and eccentric, but it just didn’t happen. He was hard to understand and it just made him sound really dumb, when he was a really intelligent man.

My advice to any author who is contemplating this same thing: DON’T. Just don’t.

Revising Tamisan

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I haven’t posted anything on here in a long time. Life has really gotten in the way of everything lately. I’m hoping to change that and put more time into writing and blogging and marketing.

Although TAMISAN is already published, I am revising it and changing it around to be in the first person. I will re-release it as soon as it’s done and will post the news here.