Living in fear

We really need to think about what we’re doing and where it’s all heading. We can be more positive. I totally agree, Sara.

Sara in LaLaLand

If we take the time to look at the world outside of our personal bubbles, what is it that we see? What is it we feel? What is really going on out there?

We are the most advance species on the planet, yet many of us fear going anywhere in the world these days because of the chance of never seeing the light of day again.

If I am honest with myself (touching on my previous post on leaving social media), I can see why people distract themselves with puppy filters, memes and silly polls. It is either seeing those or the scary reality that is currently happening all around the world.

I recently had to do a course on how to act if I were suddenly attacked at my place of work, with a dramatised video of people being shot dead and a group of scared civilians figuring out…

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Budgie’s Journal #49 – Make America Kind Again

This is the sad truth, and I think out here in Australia, we’re falling prey to the hatred too. Maybe it can be stopped, but people have to want it to stop, and that’s the problem. So many people are so caught up in their hatred of one another and of everything, that they fail to see that this world is full of fantastic things and beautiful people.

Budgie Bigelow

Most of you know I work for a living. I don’t make much off my self-publishing author career, so I never quit my day job. A lot of the time I’m driving about from job to job. Today, going form one site to the next, I came across a sign in someone’s yard that read: “Make America kind again”. There was some more writing under it, but I had gone by too fast to see anything other than the header. And now I’m writing this as I wait for the rain to let up so I can do some more work.

So I began to wonder as I drove. Can America really be kind again, or is it too late? Can our country embrace kindness once more?

The other night, I was with someone defending the leader of our nation, President Donald Trump. I may dislike who he voted for…

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A Time to Create. A Time to Critique. (are you putting a cork in your creative flow?)

This is great advice that every writer can use!

Brewhaha Book Cafe

Let’s get brutally honest for a moment. Writing — I mean really going for it — is terrifying!

Each and every time you sit down to put words on page, you’re actually transcribing a little piece of you: your wildest dreams, your deepest desires. So what if you don’t like what you see looking back at you? What if your reflection exposes you to be not the creative genius you’d hoped and imagined, but a failure and a fraud?

And that’s just the first cause of anxiety… (Who wouldn’t want to be a writer?!) As if looking at your own work wasn’t cringe-worthy enough, if you have any hope of publication, at some stage you will have to cast your story (that hard-laboured insight into your soul) before the eyes of complete strangers! Or worse: people you know!

To some extent, the anxiety is only natural: the nerves, the…

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How to Outline a Scene like a Pro

CS Lakin really knows her stuff. I have found her website invaluable.

Blissful Scribbles

Hello, lovely people, I hope you are well? You are? Great! I know I am, it’s Friday after all! The last few days I have been outlining my scenes so that I am ready for Camp NaNoWriMo in July.

I’m reading an amazing book by CS Lakin called The 12 Key Pillars of Novel Construction which I have found invaluable. Lakin gives a scene checklist which I recommend you get your hands on.

I have used this to ask myself set questions per scene, and they are helping me so much I thought I would share them with you. Let me know what you think!

​What is the action or revelation that is the high impact crux of this scene?

What new information will this scene tell the reader?

What is the purpose of the scene?

What do I want the reader to know by reading this scene?

What is…

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Writing for the Masses 7: Know Writing When You See It

Thought that this was quite interesting. Maybe people who “don’t like reading” might be more inclined to read because they do it every day on social media.


“Keep writing” seems like some obvious advice for anyone with creative writing ambitions, no matter how large or small. There really isn’t much else to writing other than to do it, and continue until you can do it well. You can read fiction, read publishing advice books, read writing websites (like this one!), but at the end of the day, practice is the only way to hone your voice.

I throw the “others have said this much better, but it bears repeating” disclaimer about here in the post. I’m not pretending to have some significant insight, just the experiences of my undergraduate career that I think others could learn from.

First, comrades, we must discuss the idea that we are writing all the time. Many of you will no doubt protest: “But I set aside special time for my fiction/poetry/satire. How can you tell me I’m always writing it?”


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