A long break – and NaNoWriMo!

I apologise for the long break between posts. I’ve reblogged a couple of interesting posts lately, but have not put up any of my own. The main reason for this is that my mother passed away in September. I’ve been dealing with that and trying to get back into my work proofreading and converting books, …

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Four dystopian novels that are eerily close to becoming true

Pretty scary when you think about it


Dystopia literally means “not-good place” and is a term used to describe a community or society that is undesirable or frightening. Dystopian novels were all the rage back when during the Cold War, possibly as a way to warn people of the perils of such a totalitarian regime as the Communist one. As a fictional genre, dystopias have the uncanny characteristic of painting a rather hopeless future for society.

Here are four dystopian novels that are eerily close to becoming true:

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Giveaway is almost over and I’m excited!

I put my book on Goodreads for a Giveaway and so far 375 people have entered! There’s only two days left until the winners are drawn and Goodreads sends me the list of the ten winners. I’ll sign ten of my books and post them out. I’ve never done a giveaway before and it’s actually …

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