New Cover Coming Soon!

I’ve been working with a cover designer to create a new cover that will reflect the genre of my book, Tamisan.

I have a great cover already, but I failed to see at the time of creation that it gives the impression that I’ve written a Romance novel. Although there’s romance in the story, it’s NOT a Romance novel. It is Science Fiction with Paranormal elements and some romantic elements as well.
I believe that this has affected sales and I don’t want people to get the book and be disappointed that it wasn’t what they thought it would be.
I need to stress here that it was NOT the cover designer’s fault. I approved the cover. It’s my fault. I was so impressed with the quality of the cover and how much better it was than my own home-made ones, that I said yes, not thinking of the romance message it would send.
So I had to make the hard decision to change it. To spend the money again. I’m not one of those people who can’t admit when they’ve made a mistake. I’m still learning.
I’ve chosen a different designer than the one I used before, but not because I wasn’t happy with the work. I ONLY changed designers because Hell Yes Design Studio is located in the US and my new designer, Sly Fox Designs, is in Australia. The conversion from USD to AUD is really terrible when you’re the one paying. A payment of $250 can become $328 with the click of a mouse. The conversion rate is only a benefit to me when I’m getting paid in US dollars, British pounds, or Euros for my freelance work.
So far, I have the new cover for Tamisan completed, and Lauren is currently working on one for Enigma (Book2).
I am revealing Tamisan’s cover on Halloween. Why Halloween? Because it seemed like as good a time as any. And I can’t wait any longer than that. It’s driving me crazy waiting that long.
So I can’t wait to show you my new cover… I hope you’ll like it!

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