My Goodreads Giveaway – the results

I’m sorry to say that I’ve been really slack and haven’t written a post about my Goodreads Giveaway.

So, 784 people entered and 10 people won. I personally signed all ten books and wrote a note specifically to each person, included a little thankyou card and bookmark with Tamisan on it, and sent them all off into the world.


One person was in Australia, a couple were in the UK, one in Canada, and the rest in the US. It cost me over $300 to post them all. I hope the people who received them have read them and enjoyed them. It would make me happy if they did. And it gives me some small amount of exposure all over the world.

Goodreads said that a lot of people who win books in their giveaways will write a review afterwards. Looking at some stats they gave, I thought that maybe two or three people would write a review for me.

You know how many reviews I received? None. Not one single one. And to make me feel worse, I saw a used copy of my book for sale on Amazon that said that it had a note in the front from the author. It was the first person on my list of winners. I hope that she read the book before selling it. That would make me feel better. I know some people don’t keep books. They read them and move on. I can understand that, even though I don’t do it.

But then it got me thinking. Do people get online for these giveaways just so they can get free books to sell? Probably not. You’d have to enter a lot of giveaways before you won something. Then you have to wait for it to be sent… I don’t think it would be viable.

Now, do I regret entering my book in the giveaway? No. Will I do it again? No. Not with a paperback copy anyway. Goodreads have now created ebook giveaways, so yes, I will do that in the future. It’s free to send as many copies as you like.

Have you ever entered a giveaway? Or have you entered your book in one? Let me know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “My Goodreads Giveaway – the results

  1. I know this is an older post but I read it as I was contemplating the giveaway. Your experience made me sad, and I feel for you. You put your heart into your book and your hand-written notes were a nice touch (and a lot of effort I am sure). Thank you for sharing. My hope would also be that the readers simply enjoyed them. I will not be doing the paperback giveaway, but might consider the kindle giveaway. Might.

    I hope you have had much additional exposure since then. You deserve it.

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