Budgie’s Journal #49 – Make America Kind Again

This is the sad truth, and I think out here in Australia, we’re falling prey to the hatred too. Maybe it can be stopped, but people have to want it to stop, and that’s the problem. So many people are so caught up in their hatred of one another and of everything, that they fail to see that this world is full of fantastic things and beautiful people.

Budgie Bigelow

Most of you know I work for a living. I don’t make much off my self-publishing author career, so I never quit my day job. A lot of the time I’m driving about from job to job. Today, going form one site to the next, I came across a sign in someone’s yard that read: “Make America kind again”. There was some more writing under it, but I had gone by too fast to see anything other than the header. And now I’m writing this as I wait for the rain to let up so I can do some more work.

So I began to wonder as I drove. Can America really be kind again, or is it too late? Can our country embrace kindness once more?

The other night, I was with someone defending the leader of our nation, President Donald Trump. I may dislike who he voted for…

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