Don’t delete your deleted scenes!

Okay, so you’ve been editing your novel and found that there are some bits of your novel or a whole scene in there that you didn’t need. It needs to go. But… there’s some good stuff in there. There are some good descriptions and some action sequences that just don’t fit into your current story, but they’re still good. Too good to dump in the electronic garbage disposal of the computer world.

This is my advice to you: DON’T THROW IT AWAY! Don’t just delete it!

Copy it and paste it into a new document, give it a meaningful name so you know that it’s your deleted scene and save it to a folder with a meaningful name. Call it “Deleted Scenes” or “Extras”. Whatever you want. You might just need those scenes one day. It costs nothing to save and takes up such a small amount of space on your computer, and you never know, that action scene – or whatever it is – may just fit perfectly into another novel one day.

Please note that there will also be bits and pieces that are not worth saving. You be the judge. If it really sucks, trash it.

I have kept all sorts of bits and pieces out of my first novel, Tamisan, and may never use them anywhere, but I’ve still got them, just in case.

The thing is; if you delete stuff you’ve written, it’s gone forever. Just think about that.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.


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