I am looking for a Critique Partner

Hey everyone! I wanted to just put this out there. I am looking for a Critique Partner so we can share feedback on each other’s novels as we’re working on them. My genres are Paranormal/Romance, Science Fiction/Romance, Fantasy/Romance, and Dystopian/Romance.

For those of you who don’t know what a Critique Partner is, it is someone who is also an author, or aspiring author. The idea is that you give them your story to read as you’re working on it, and they give you feedback and constructive criticism from an AUTHOR’S point of view so that you can determine whether your manuscript is working or whether it maybe might just fall in a heap and not hold up as a strong story. It works both ways. You do the same for their story. It helps immensely if you both write the same or at least similar genres.

You might be thinking; isn’t that what Beta Readers are for? Well, no. Not exactly.

Beta Readers will read your story and give you feedback from a READER’S point of view. They can’t tell you if your characters aren’t developed enough or if your premise is strong. But that doesn’t mean that a Beta Reader’s opinion isn’t valid or needed. You should use them too. I plan to follow some suggestions made by one of my favourite Author-Tubers, Jenna Moreci, and get a Critique Partner during my writing process and use about twenty Beta Readers once I’ve written and edited my manuscript. Once I get their feedback and I’ve incorporated what I think is necessary into my novel, I can do my final polishing and publish it.

I strongly recommend Jenna Moreci’s YouTube videos. They’re informative and funny and have helped me a lot.

If you’d like to be my Critique Partner or just want to contact me and say hi, my email address is: suemckenzie68@yahoo.com.


Please check out some of the helpful tutorials for authors here at TechSavvyAuthor.net.

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