Are you guilty of Cinema Sins?

Lately, I have been watching videos on Youtube from a couple of guys that call themselves Cinema Sins. They have a few different types of videos, but the ones I’ve been watching are about what is wrong with movies, along the lines of plot holes, lame characters, lack of logic and believability, and continuity mistakes. They are titled “Everything Wrong With [insert movie title here]”.

You might be wondering why I would want to watch these videos. After all, who wants to see their favourite movies being torn to shreds, right? Well, from an author’s point of view, it can be a very useful tool. In a lot of books and blogs I have read on how to be a good writer, one of the things they tell us is to read some bad stories and watch some bad movies to see what not to do. We need to see where these authors and screenwriters went wrong, so we don’t repeat those mistakes.

So, even for some of the movies that I liked, I watched the Sins being listed. Even some of the best movies have some flaws.

After watching some of these videos, I was in that mindset and started to look to my WIP (work in progress) and could see some things that needed fixing. Just little things. For an example, say your main character is holding something in their hand when something bad happens, like the “bad guy” enters the room and pulls your main character into another room and she responds by knocking him out with a roundhouse kick (or something), you need to make sure that she is either still holding the item, or you have explained where it went.

I haven’t found any major flaws, thankfully, but I think this is a good piece of advice to other authors out there. You need to take an objective look at your work and not be afraid to pick out the “sins” – for your own good. Any flaws or plot holes will only hurt your novel and your sales, so it is better to find them now and kill them.

So, check out Cinema Sins on for yourself.

Note. Some of the “sins” aren’t really sins – they have a bit of fun with it all, like when they say “This scene does not contain a lap dance” and count it as a sin. Also, be warned, they use the “F” word a lot, but beep it out.

I recommend you try this and see if it helps you.

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